Your Conditioned Mind => State => Behavior => Results

The results we have in life are as a result of our behavior. What we do, or don’t do, determines our outcomes.
Our state is responsible for our behaviour. Our well being at the time impacts what we do and how well we do it.
Our state is determined by what is being presented or processed by our conditioned mind.
So ultimately, your conditioned mind determines your results.

For true lasting change to happen, we need the change to occur in the Conditioned mind!

Please Note: When I refer to the Conditioned Mind I am meaning that huge part of your mind which you are not conscious of. Using the analogy of an Iceberg, your Conscious Mind is like the tip of the Iceberg which you can see, while the Conditioned Mind is the massive bulk of potential which is just below the surface. I am including the Subconscious Mind or the Unconscious Mind in the Conditioned Mind.

Your Conditioned Mind is the part of your mind you are not conscious about. It is the biggest part of your mind which is about 95% of your mind, whereas the conscious mind is only about 5%. Your Conditioned Mind stores all your Memories, Emotions, Beliefs, Habits, Programming and Instincts. The Conditioned Mind makes use of the neurons in the body to store itself. You do not only have neurons in your brain, but every single cell in your body is bathed in neurons. These neurons have the capabilities of ten to ten to eleven neurological connections. That’s the number 10 with 10 zeros behind it, written eleven times. This number is too big to even try to contemplate. One neuron has huge potential, so what if all of them work together as one big whole?

Your Conditioned Mind makes use of all the neurons in your body to store itself and each neuron in your body is like a hologram of the whole neuron network. So all your memories, emotions, habits, programming, and instincts are stored throughout you entire body and every cell in your body gets affected by them. So if you have a lot of Negative Emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt that you did not resolve yet, they will have a negative impact on your whole body and not just your brain. That can cause a lot of unwanted behaviors, symptoms and dis-eases.

More facts about your Conditioned mind:

  •  It controls 97% of our perception and behaviors
  •  It averages 10 billion actions per second!
  •  It sees in pictures and patterns
  •  Its impulses travel at more than 160 000 km/s
  •  It doesn’t know the difference between a truth or a lie
  •  It can’t tell real from imagined – it believes to be absolutely true, whatever you send it – being an image    or a picture.
  •  It works in an orderly manner
  •  It stores memories using the Time Line (it uses time line to store memories chronologically, so you can know the difference in time between the events that have happened last month, five years ago, 10 years ago, etc…)

Your Conditioned mind is the operating system for you and your body. It runs everything. It stores your Memories, Emotions, Beliefs, Habits and generates your Instincts. It regenerates cells in your body; it runs your heart, controls your immune system and regulates your hormones, enzymes and all other chemical reactions. It controls over 97% of your behavior!!! And you think that you are in charge of your decisions and your life!? Well, you could be? Or you will be when you finish with your Personal Breakthrough Session.

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