Whose responsibility is it to find value?

Some people don’t find much value in the things they buy, or the services they pay for. They may moan about the car they purchased, or their garden service, or the dinner they just had in a restaurant. Some wouldn’t find value in the haircut they just had, and so on… I’d like to suggest that it is YOUR responsibility to find value in anything.

If you buy a car, whose responsibility is it to find value in it, yours or the manufacturers? If you eat a meal at a restaurant, whose job is it to enjoy it? Remember that manufacturer has no power or control over your thinking or over your filtering of information. Even if the chef stood right next to you, he cannot make you enjoy your food. Hopefully they will do their best to produce a decent product that they would be proud of, but they have no way of making sure that YOU find the value in it.

It is always your responsibility to find value in everything!

This doesn’t mean reducing your standard in any way, but rather that by looking for the value in things, you will always find it. You will always get what you focus on! No matter what you are buying, or learning, ALWAYS look to find value in it. If you focus on what you want, you will always find value, and enrich your life in some way. As always, the key question here is… what are you focusing on?

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