“What we perceive is who we are.” Karl Jung

Understanding this, and I mean really understanding it, and it will literally change your life forever! Here it is again, Karl Jung said: “What we perceive is who we are.”

The world is not what it seems to be, you perceive just one small version of it.

People can’t be in our lives, any other way than what we projected them to be. We can’t perceive anything from the outside world that is not already wired inside us.
And you can’t really perceive the people around you for who they really are. You can only perceive one version of them, the one that has to do with you. Our Filters are not same – we only experience what’s left of the information, which means that you can’t perceive anything from the outside world that is not you. Perhaps a heavy statement, but it’s true.

Your Conditioned Mind will project these things for you; it will get you to perceive things in a way that’s aligned with your current wiring. You will experience things that you need to experience, learn the lessons needed for your growth and grow, expand…

It’s because only when we can see it on the outside, only then we can become conscious of it. Then we can notice it, and we can say: “Well, maybe there is a reason for me projecting that person, and once I get the learnings, that projection will change.” That would be a useful attitude to adopt now, as it will serve you well. Whatever happens in your life… just look for learnings and allow yourself to grow.

This is the basis of Perception is Projection. The event is never something good or bad, until we process the information and place our judgment on it. Based on our internal values, our belief system, our conditioned mind, we will get to experience the event in a certain way, and not in a way that it really is.

Let’s say, in a room of 5 people somebody brings each of them a huge portion of some delicious cake. I guarantee that each of these people will experience this very same event, this very same gesture in their own way. Some will be insulted since they didn’t order any; some will simple have that cake with a huge smile on their face; some perhaps not satisfied with their weight might have some really angry thoughts going on against this person who brought that cake! They might even get so angry and curse them for just wanting them to get more and more fat! And some will really appreciate such a nice thoughtful gesture.

I am sure you can easily see where this is going and how your perception greatly alters the events that surround us, so much so, that we all get to experience life differently. This is how we project what’s inside of us, to the outside world.

A wise man once said, “May you find what you seek outside, inside of you.”

Your Conditioned Mind will only perform to the extent of what you believe that you can do or achieve. I believe that my clients can achieve anything. I believe that my clients can double their income in 30 days. I believe that my clients can turn their business around instantly. I believe that my clients can have their relationships turned around in a way that they become loving and fulfilling instantaneously, just like that. I have to believe these things, because if I didn’t believe, I would limit my clients, and prevent them from achieving their desired results. What a great thought for you. Think about it.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change!

If you can believe in everyone’s magnificence, then they will actualize your beliefs. If you can change the way you think, things will change in your life. Your outside world is a mere reflection of your inside world. If you can change your thinking about people in your life that annoy you, they will change for you. Change them inside of you first, in order to see the change in the outside world.

What comes in handy here is one of the Prime Directives of the Conditioned Mind: “Your Conditioned Mind takes everything personally.”

This is good news and bad news. Your Conditioned Mind takes everything you think about someone else, PERSONALLY. As far as your Conditioned Mind is concerned, there is no one out there but you. When you are thinking about others, it thinks you are thinking about you. And when you look across at someone and think: “That guy is stupid.” your Conditioned Mind takes that personally. If you can hold a positive attitude about that person, you will hold the same positive attitude about yourself.

3 Responses to Perception Is Projection

  1. Edward says:

    Wise words. Or maybe that’s just my perception?

  2. Carol says:

    So true, not always so easy though to choose our perception. Have you come across Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Ho’oponopono?

    • Alan says:

      Oh YES, Doctor Hew Len is really something else. He effectively used this concept (along with staying “at Cause”) to cure the criminally insane. By changing himself and his perception of his patience, he changed them and their behavior! Well worth reading up more on this remarkable man, and the inspiring Ho’oponopono technique.