What are you focusing on?

Is it towards what you want or towards what you don’t want? So many people can tell you what they don’t want in life and struggle to specify what they would like instead. Whatever you focus on dominantly, you will create and attract in your life. Full stop.

We have various types of Focus Filters, which shape the way we see the world. Here you will learn about Core Focus Filters (CFF). During the Personal Breakthrough Process you will get to explore and re-design your Key Focus Filter (KFF).

Core Focus Filters (CFF) are about Human Needs
There are endless models of human needs, basic human needs, fundamental human needs… and so on. The one I am sharing here is adapted from Anthony Robbins, and it’s the model he’s been using for decades. It makes the most sense to me personally. It is easy to explain and use in practice, and is the one which my clients resonate with the most.
Core human needs should not be mistaken for wants or values, they are needs and there is a big difference. For example, I need water to stay alive, yet I would survive the next few hours without a glass of water, wanting a drink now would be a want, not a need. Tony often says: “You don’t always get what you want, but you always get what you need.” Our Core Focus Filters or our core human needs are not just wants and desires, but profound needs which service the basis of every choice we make! People will always find the way to fulfill their needs, some find positive, beneficial ways to meet their needs and some meet them in most destructive ways. In theory, any behavior that you are producing is geared to fulfill one of these needs:


A need for Certainty is huge for most people. This need reflects in our lives through craving and insisting on security, highly predictable future, safety, consistency in our relationships, secure environment, financial security, secure job, and alike.


Here comes the paradox, once people get enough Certainty… they get bored, and they start needing Variety. Mind you though, the need for Variety is not only present when the need for Certainty is fulfilled! We value our needs in different, individual orders, based on our conditioning. Variety is just the opposite of Certainty, it’s about not knowing, risk, challenges that will exercise our physical and emotional range, and surprises. Variety is the spice of life.


Significance reflects our need for being important in some way, worthy of things and experiences, caring about other’s perception of you, sense of being needed, sense of purpose, sense of meaning, feeling of importance, uniqueness, separation, status…


Love/Connection resembles our need to experience feeling loved; connected with others, bonding, oneness, sharing, intimacy, feeling a part of, at one with, sense of meaning…
Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love and Connection are the needs of our body. These needs will be met by all people, one way or another. We will go lengths to meet these needs from the most destructive and un-ecological ways to the desired and serving, beneficial ways. We will use different strategies and will do ANYTHING to meet our first four needs in our lives. We must meet them; they are the needs of our body.

We also have two more needs, which are needs of our souls, of our spirit:


Our need for Growth is reflected in any behavior supporting growth, expansion, learning, becoming more… when we stop growing, we die. We need to constantly develop emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Contribution is about going beyond your own needs and contributing to others, making a difference for others and our planet, helping, educating… coaching?

Sadly, many people do not consciously discover the last two, without which one can never be sincerely content with one’s life. Growth is a big part of my life. I am continually growing and learning new things. Studying, researching, seeking new skills and knowledge, creating things that didn’t exist before… This all leads to inevitable and constant Growth. Remember you have the choice, you can just be and stay where you are. Or you can go for the learning’s, ensuring expansion and progress, rather than stagnation or disintegration. Life supports life… The gift of giving to others, contributing, is just so fulfilling and rewarding.

Once you discovered the core needs of your spirit, your life will change dramatically. Thirst for knowledge and enhancing someone’s life for better is a true gift that you are giving to others, but even more to yourself. By discovering and fulfilling these two needs of your spirit, your life will never been the same again.
When life stops being about me, me, me… and you start contributing to other people’s lives, when you have goals bigger than yourself, your mind and body will shift to a much higher vibratory state. You can start experiencing and attracting so much more beauty in your life, than you perhaps ever thought possible.

All human beings are consistently seeking to meet their core needs, but we tend to value two of them above others. These six core human needs are our Core Focus Filters, and the dominant two will influence your behavior the most.
For an example, someone who values Certainty will make very different choices than someone who values Variety more. And someone who values Significance more than
Love and Connection will make radically different choices in life.

An exercise for you:
1. Write down all the ways you currently get: Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth and Contribution in your life in general.
2. Answer the following questions (take your time and think about it):
a. What is it that drives you? What are your top 2 Core Focus Filters? Which two do you value most?
b. How does this impact the quality of your life? What are the consequences (positive and negative) of valuing these needs in this order?

Please do the above exercise thoroughly, as it will benefit you when we come to work with your Key Focus Filter.

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