The Law of Cause and Effect is basically Newton’s Third Law, which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

With everything you do (Action), you are always at Cause. Your results (Reaction), are the Effect of your thoughts and Actions.
There can never be more on the effect side than there is on the cause side.

Think about the results you created in your life for example. And by results I mean
EVERYTHING you created for yourself and others (you health, relationships, career, bank account, house, cars, etc…). Have you ever wondered how did you create these results? What Caused specific results in your life?

If you think about it logically, it had to be the behavior you produced. You DID something, whether it was a decision that you made or action that you took, you produced this behavior and that caused the result in your life. “I did nothing” doesn’t count. You can’t do anything, for as long as you are alive. Perhaps you spent day watching TV and you would refer to it as “I did nothing whole day”, but this would not be the correct/precise description of your actions, would it?

Your results are the effect of your thinking and your behavior. Every thought or action you send into the universe must come back. That is why we say that you should always think positive thoughts, say good things to everyone, treat everyone with respect and love… and all those things will by Law come back to you. If you concentrate on the cause, you never need to worry about the effect – let the nature take care of the effect as that is what it does by default and effortlessly.

The question is “Which side of the Cause and Effect equation are you on? Are you on the Effect side, where things are happening to you, when you have no power to change anything, when you are a victim?” Or are you on the Cause side, where you are in charge of your life and the results that you are creating? You can’t play this game half way through — you are either 100% on the Cause side for every single result that you created in your life, whether it’s your health, relationships, bank account or anything else! The moment you exclude any result you created stating that it wasn’t you or that it happened to you… you would be stepping on the Effect side of life, the hypocrite side, changing the rules as you see it fit.

Clients often come to me on the Effect side. They will blame the government, the economy or who knows what else for the results they have in their lives. I need my clients on the Cause side, or there is nothing for me to work with unless they bring me the government or the economy to work with and cause change.

Most people are on the Cause side of life when they did something they are proud of and on the Effect side when they get the opposite results. This is just a way for them to feel better, taking the credit for all the good things they created in their lives AND at the same time playing a victim, rejecting the responsibility for all the other results that they don’t like! One would have to be quite a hypocrite to live life like this, yet most people do by dishing out a believable picture to themselves. We call this rationalization — rational lies! The good results in my life – I created them. The ones I don’t like – they happened to me, I am the victim, I got dealt those cards in my life, it’s beyond me, its higher power, I had no say, etc…

Accept the responsibility and look for the learning’s, rather than hide behind your pride and reject the fact that you are the Cause for your behavior which causes Results in your life. You see, if you reject the Cause, you close yourself for learning’s – there won’t be any lessons for you to learn if you didn’t do it in the first place! And you will probably create the same result again, until you learn what you needed in order to grow and expand.

These Learning’s are Resources. Learning’s are valuable resourceful strategies, decisions, beliefs that you can utilize in the future, so that whatever happened in the past won’t repeat itself. There won’t be a need. You’ve learned, you’ve grown, you’ve developed, you’ve moved on. Your comfort zone is living in an illusion that you and everything else in your life can stay the way it is. And in our Nature, nothing can stay the way it is. Everything either grows or dies. You can’t just be… we need learning’s in order to grow.

It is really empowering to step into Cause. Even if your life is a mess, knowing and accepting that you created this mess, puts you in the power seat to change it. You are in control! If you did not cause it, then someone else is in control, and this makes it almost impossible for you to change it. The sum total of your conscious choices plus your unconscious choices put you where you are today. You can now choose to take responsibility for all you Actions and results from now on, seeking learning’s, growth and expansion. This is just empowering in every way and a very good and beneficial mindset to adopt.

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  1. Carolina says:

    Thanks for the excellent information! I choose to live at cause from now on…