I choose my clients carefully…

I will only lead a client through the Personal Breakthrough Process, if I am convinced that they
Really want to Change, and that the changes they want are beneficial.

 What things do you want to change in your life, and how badly do you want those changes?
I give myself 100% in this work, and I expect the same dedication from you. I need to be convinced that you are serious about achieving the changes that you want in your life, before I agree to take you on as a client. While my techniques may be the very best in the world, it is YOU who will need to step up and apply them, to create change, and create your dream life.

For this reason, I always meet up with potential Clients first, for a FREE assessment interview.You will get a sense of my abilities, a taste of how I work, and I can share more about the Personal Breakthrough Process.
I like to hear about your dreams, and the challenges in your life that you want to resolve.This meeting will help me to ensure that I am able to help you achieve all the things you desire in your life. It also gives you the opportunity to “check me out”, ask any questions, and ensure I am the right Coach for you.

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