Craniosacral Therapy for everyone

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle form of body work, which encourages the Client’s body to tap in on its own natural ability to heal itself. The therapist tunes in to what is happening in the body, and uses various subtle techniques to follow and assist the Client in releasing stress, tension, restrictions and pain. It enables the client to come back into balance, express their Health, and enjoy a sense of Wellness…  Continue reading →


Craniosacral Therapy for mothers and babies

CranioSacral therapy can assist both mother and baby in their journey through conception, pregnancy, birth, and infancy. It can help mothers to adjust to the myriad of changes happening during the pregnancy, and bring your body into the optimal state of health for giving birth. Afterbirth it can assist in bringing both Mother and Baby’s systems back into balance, releasing the strains of birth, and help them move towards health and wellness… Continue reading →

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