Craniosacral Therapy for Everyone

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle form of body work, which encourages the Client’s body to tap in on its own natural ability to heal itself. The Therapist tunes in to what is happening in the body by ‘listening’ with their hands, using various subtle techniques to follow and assist the Client in releasing stress, tension, restrictions and pain. It enables the client to come back into balance, express their Health, and enjoy a sense of Wellness.

While Craniosacral therapy assists a wide range of specific medical conditions, it is particularly effective in treating:
Back, neck and spine problems
Headache and Migraine
Shoulder and Hip problems
Tension, Stress and related disorders
Emotional difficulties
Releasing physical and emotional traumas
It is also increasingly being used as a preventive health measure, for its ability to calm and balance the client at all levels, and thus bolster resistance to disease.

Craniosacral therapy developed from the work of an American osteopath, Dr William Sutherland in the early 1900s. He discovered intrinsic movements of the bones in the head as well as interconnected rhythms throughout the body. These movements and rhythms are a direct expression of the health of the Client. Any restrictions or abnormalities in these movement, can indicate pathology in the body, and would corresponds to a reduction of the body’s natural capacity to self-heal. By sensing and following these movements the Therapist can facilitate change in areas of restriction. This can improve the Client’s state of health, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Alan’s approach to Craniosacral therapy
I have a fairly intuitive way of working. For me it is very much about getting in tune with my client, at all levels, as well as their own inner wisdom and knowing. By listening to their innate wisdom, I get the subtle instructions I need, telling me what they need right now in this moment, to best support them and facilitate their healing process. My years of training and experience as an Energy Healer as well as other therapies, give me a broad resource which I can incorporate into my sessions (when appropriate and only if the client is open to this). It’s really about creating a safe environment for the Client, and meeting them exactly where they are at, and then following their instructions.

Over the years I have trained and worked with many other Healing modalities and therapies, including Professional Healing, Sound therapy, Colour therapy, various types of Massage and Reiki. All these other experiences give me a broad resource, some of which I may incorporate into my sessions (when appropriate and only if the client is open to it). The Energy Healing can be particularly effective in enhancing the Craniosacral therapy experience.

What happens during a session?
The first session begins with taking the Client’s Medical History. This is also an opportunity for the Client to ask questions and voice any concerns. The Client is then helped to get comfortable, lying fully-clothed on the treatment table. It is recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing, which does not restrict your breathing or movement. Once the Client is settled, feeling Safe and Comfy, the Therapist makes gentle contact with the Client’s body, tuning in and ‘listening’ with their hands. From here on the Therapist follows what is happening in the Client’s body, guided by, and responding to, the subtle movements and rhythms.

Everyone experiences Craniosacral therapy differently, most find it deeply relaxing, and many doze off or dream during the session. As well as relieving physical pains and conditions, the treatment helps to de-stress the Client, bringing their system into Balance. This also has a positive affect on any emotional or psychological imbalances, and helps to develop a sense of well-being, health and vitality. As this is a very subtle way of working, the affect are not always immediately noticeable, and the Client may well notice more changes and improvements in the days or week after a session. It is also a good idea to give yourself time after a session to relax, to go home and rest, so you can absorb the full benefits.

As Craniosacral therapy is so gentle, it is suitable for people of all ages, and can be used to treat even the most acute conditions, where other treatments may be too rough. As with any treatment there are a few contraindications. Please discuss this with your Craniosacral therapist if you have any concerns, or consult your medical practitioner.

If you would like to know more about CranioSacral Therapy, please have a look at the links below, or contact me for a chat.

I was a registered member of The Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK for several years. Their official website is informative, and contains more detailed, technical and scientific definitions of CranioSacral Therapy;
as well as answers to frequently asked questions;
advice on how babies and children can benefit from this gentle therapy;
and links to accredited colleges teaching Craniosacral therapy.

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