Words of reference from Clients:

“Alan promises a money back guarantee if you don’t get results with him. Well he still has my money and the truth is, he deserves it. And I got a bargain. The value I have received on my journey with Alan is incalculable. In a few short weeks my life and outlook have changed completely. Through an intuitive process, Alan has given me the tools to take control of my life and shape my destiny. Already I have achieved many goals I thought were impossible. I have become empowered where previously I was helpless. This process has been so incredibly powerful that I cannot recommend it strongly enough should you find that you really want or need to change your life for the better.”

“Alan takes Life Coaching to a deeper level than I had ever imagined.
He brings to the process his many years of intense training in Healing and Spiritual practices. And the process is about so much more than achieving goals. It is about letting go of baggage and living a lighter, freer life.
I look forward to experiencing life from the more spacious parts of my being.”
Doctor Murray Rushmere

“I am most grateful for the journey of self discovery that Alan has taken me on over the past four weeks. I would recommend this process to anyone who knows they can do more, or do better, but simply hasn’t managed to, for whatever reason.”
Paula Brown

THANK YOU! I have already achieved one of my goals since I saw you, I am getting my car this afternoon! And my next one will be achieved before the end of this month…”

“Alan has helped me realign my focus, to find my direction in life. Having regained my direction I have also reclaimed my “voice”. It is truelly magnificent what these sessions can help one achieve in life. I have benefitted so much… Thank you Alan, continue opening peoples eyes to life.”

“Wow Alan, this is stuff everybody should know! I look forward to practicing what you discussed and learning a few more tricks.”
Andre Rademan

“Great stuff Alan! Very insightful, especially what the mind can do.”

“Hey Alan, thanks for the life coaching session, it made a big difference in me clarifying and attaining the goals I had set myself, and achieving them.”
Conor Graham

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