Words of reference from Clients:

“Alan, your gentle way and profound knowledge has lifted the burden of old unprocessed emotions off my shoulders. I didn’t realized how heavy they were until they were gone.
I was listening to Matt Monro’s “Born Free” — and that’s how I feel, and how I AM, right now!
THANKS Alan, for having been the Lord’s instrument in changing my life!”

“The Coaching you have done with me has helped me to realign my perception and I now live my life without limitations. My life is beautiful and inspired, and I thank you for being part of my journey.”
Marc Dos Santos.

“Since our sessions, my life has taken a drastic turn for the better. I have learned how to deal with certain situations in a much better way. I am more positive about myself, about other people, and life in general, and it feels GREAT! You have given me the tools to become a better ‘me’. I have learnt how to overcome my anxiety, all sorts of other fears, as well as to balance my work and social life.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

“Alan, you had the skills, kindness, gentleness and love needed to both fix and heal me… As we worked through what needed to be done, you gently carried me when I was tired, and when I was fearful you even cradled me, because you cared to look deeper, past my hard exterior with all its cracks and imperfections, to what lay within… Thank you”
Chris Styles (Businessman).

“Thank you so much… by helping me to let go of my limiting beliefs, I have finally been able to move forward and achieve my goals.”

“… I was impressed both by your skills and your incredible sensitivity…”

“… your work has helped me to overcome my Panic Attacks, as well as helping me to handle my backpains… you ‘taught’ me to reconnect with and integrate my ‘Innerchild’…”
Monika Bernhardt.

“I met Alan at a singing group and knew I wanted a treatment from him, he has such a gentle open feeling about him. I was heavily pregnant and my migraines and foggy head were getting more frequent. It took two sessions, but I haven’t had any migraines since! I had another two sessions with my daughter soon after she was born. She wasn’t sleeping and had digestive problems. This all cleared with the sessions, she is now eight months old and still
sleeps through the night!”
Nicky Felbert

“Thank you Alan, your treatments certainly made great improvements in both my health and my sense of wellbeing.”
Sophia, age 73.

“… gentle and intuitive and very sensitive to what is felt and needed… the combination of CranioSacral with Healing had incredible effects… I would always come away from a treatment feeling very positive, physically lighter with far less pain and as well be given a wider knowledge of what was going on in my body….”
Charlene Sundstrom.

“South Africa’s gain is Ireland’s loss. Alan’s special mix of therapeutic skills and qualities, provided a unique treatment, combining holistic healing power and personal attention.”
Mary Padwick.

“My healing sessions with Alan Hughes were both healing and enlightening. I felt listened to, which to me is the first step in a healing relationship. I went to Alan with physical illness and discomfort, which in my own thinking also related to my emotional and psychological ‘state’. I felt Alan himself and the work he did honored that reality in me. Therefore my sessions with him were always deeply healing, while gentle and uninvasive. It is a very subtle way of working which Alan seems completely empowered and able to do. I think this may be because of his subtle quality of mind and that he himself had done his own personal work and so was able to ‘step aside’ and not let any issue get between him and his client….”
Jean Finn.

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