Congruency – Are your Goals Aligned to your Values?

I was excited to attend Dr. John Demartini’s talk last night on “Successfully Setting and Achieving Goals”.

Dr DimartiniAs I have presented several talks on this exact same subject, I was very curious to see how this world renowned expert would go about it. Energetically, passionately and with humour, was how he shared his wisdom with more than 200 people who gathered to listen to him.

I always look for value in anything I do, and I found plenty in Dr. Demartini’s talk. His essential message was the importance of aligning your Goals and your Highest Values. If your goals and values are not pointing in the same direction, you are incongruent and will not succeed. Discover what inspires you, and then use this understanding to clarify your purpose, strategise your actions and live proactively towards your most inspired goals and dreams.

Very importantly, Dr. Demartini also shared on determining which Values are actually Your Values, as opposed to the values injected by or accepted from society and other people. This is obviously crucial if you want to be authentic and follow Your Own Highest Value. As an example, if your own Highest Value around money is to exchange it for fast cars or shoes, then this will be in direct conflict with another Value you may learn from society, of save every penny and get rich. Techniques for changing the priority of values, developing your strengths to create a business that serve others, were also discussed.

The only negative in this evening for me, was the length of the “advertisement” at the end of his talk. Dr. Demartini is in Cape Town for a couple more days and held a now tired and sagging audience for too long, as he passionately described his other talks, workshops and some of his product. You can find a full program of his events on

I drove home with plenty of ideas and thoughts to digest, which I am using right now to re-explore and update my own perceptions and presentations on Goal Setting.

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