What are you Focusing on?

What is your main Focus in Life? If you were to have one question, what do you consistently ask yourself, based on this focus?

Let Life Coach Alan Hughes guide you through a series of simple exercises, to discover your current Focus in life, your question. This question can reveal great insights on how and why you have lived your life the way you have, up until now.

Alan can also assist you to Change Your Focus, if you so choose. Design a new, more empowering question, one which enables you to live a more fulfilling life, from here on…

Wow Alan, this is stuff everybody should know! I look forward to practicing what you discussed and learning a few more tricks.” – Andre Rademan

This talk is at 18.45 for 19.00 on Wednesday the 14th of March, to end around 21.00, at Constellation House in Rondebosch.

For more information and bookings, please contact Alan.

Please do read Alan’s article on Focus Filters, as this will serve as a good foundation and background for next week’s talk.

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One Response to What are you Focusing on?

  1. Anne Desmond says:

    Great approach, really grabs the Bull by the horns. Do you ever come to London, or do you know anyone doing this kind of work in UK?

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